Flume and Jonathan Zawada offer eight new NFTs, exclusively for trade

The pair's new artworks cannot be bought, only traded for other NFTs

Flume and digital artist Jonathan Zawada, a longtime collaborator, have put eight new Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) online today exclusively for trade.

NFTs – as NME recently noted – are essentially digital gold bars with a changing value of their own. Once purchased, owners are able to use them as a digital currency to buy and trade other commodities.

The eight artworks Flume and Zawada are offering, however, can only be acquired by swapping them for other NFTs – either of your creation or in your collection – and not through monetary purchase.


The eight, which can be viewed via Zora, were exhibited in galleries in Sydney and Los Angeles in 2016, and feature a score by Flume and visuals by Zawada. They’re in the same hyperpop, mutant strain as the pair’s work around the producer’s second album ‘Skin’.

“Originally the weapons came about from Harley [Streten, aka Flume] and I talking about the idea of a ‘skin’ in games like Counter Strike. I’d long been fascinated with the idea of kind of inverse camouflage in video games and it was fun to explore this visually,” Zawada said.

“I set about playing with their appearance and after he saw them Harley selected a few to make music for, to which I responded by animating the abstract destruction of each weapon to the music.”

The final swaps will be announced on Monday March 22. Flume and Zawada sold their first NFT, Saccade, earlier this month for over $50,000. Flume told the ABC that the pair had plenty more to come.

“It’s such early days. I’m just wanting to experiment more,” he said. “Jonathan and I have essentially been making NFTs for years. We just didn’t have a name for them.”


“We’re excited to push the boundaries of it – experimenting with the space, going beyond just audio and visuals. This feels like phase one.”


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