Fluxx release compilation featuring Lupa J, Corin and more

Featuring 28 tracks from Melbourne electronic artists

Lupa J and Corin are among the artists featured on a newly-released compilation by Melbourne-based collective/club night Fluxx.

‘Fluxx Vol. 1’, released today (July 3) features new material from a slew of Melbourne-based artists across a variety of electronic genres. Among its 28 tracks, ‘Fluxx Vol. 1’ encompasses techno, trance, breakbeat, acid, pop, IDM and experimental classical.

Per a description accompanying the album, organisers aim to “push the boundaries in electronic dance music and celebrate Melbourne’s diverse producers and composers”.


Listen to ‘Call Them Up’, a new track from Lupa J taken from an upcoming project, below:

Other artists featured include DAWS, Hextape, m8riarchy and Jaslyn Robertson. It also includes debut releases from emerging artists in Melbourne’s club scene, including Georgia Bird, Different Shades and Delfi, among others.

Fluxx will be releasing a DJ mix of the whole album on July 8, with local DJ crew and club night Blues. The mix will be accompanied by a video by Fluxx’s own DJ/VJ House Mum.

The compilation was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


‘Fluxx. Vol 1’ is available in full for streaming and download here via Bandcamp. All profits made from the compilation will be donated equally between Black Rainbow and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.