Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl says it’s “hard to imagine” playing outdoor concerts again

"But I do know that we will do it again, because we have to"

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has admitted that he’s finding it to “hard to imagine” playing outdoor gigs again due the coronavirus pandemic.

The band were recently forced to rearrange their upcoming North American tour — dubbed ‘The Van Tour’ and a number of their upcoming European tour and festival dates to 2021.

The move has prompted Grohl to write a lengthy post about what going to and playing concerts mean to him in The Atlantic.


He referred to his experience of going to see U2 during their ‘Elevation Tour’ in 2001, dubbing it “an unforgettable concert on a very raw, personal note,” and how when playing one of his own shows with the Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, watched from the sidelines, adding: “When asked where he watched the show from, he said that he’d stood in the crowd, just like everyone else. Of course he did. He was searching for that connection too.”

Foo Fighters at Reading
Foo Fighters at Reading Festival 2019. Credit: Jenn Five

Grohl went on to express his fears about playing live again in the future.

“It’s hard to imagine sharing experiences like these ever again. I don’t know when it will be safe to return to singing arm in arm at the top of our lungs, hearts racing, bodies moving, souls bursting with life. But I do know that we will do it again, because we have to,” he wrote.

“It’s not a choice. We’re human. We need moments that reassure us that we are not alone. That we are understood. That we are imperfect. And, most important, that we need each other.

“I have shared my music, my words, my life with the people who come to our shows. And they have shared their voices with me. Without that audience – that screaming, sweating audience – my songs would only be sound. But together, we are instruments in a sonic cathedral, one that we build together night after night. And one that we will surely build again.”


You can find out more details about Foo Fighters’ altered tour plans here.

Foo Fighters recently shared a full live stream of their 2006 ‘Skin And Bones’ gig in LA for fans to watch online.

Grohl has also said that the band’s new album is “our David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ record”.