Frank Turner examines relationship with trans parent on personal new single ‘Miranda’

“Miranda's just actually quite a nice person, but my dad was a shitty person"

Frank Turner has shared a new track called ‘Miranda’ through which he examines his relationship with his trans parent – listen below.

Following on from previous singles ‘Haven’t Been Doing So Well’, ‘Non Serviam’ and ‘The Gathering’, the singer-songwriter’s personal latest cut will appear on his forthcoming solo album ‘FTHC’, which arrives on February 11.

My father is called Miranda these days/ She’s a proud transgender woman and my resentment has started to fade/ ‘Cause it was never about who she was, just the way that he behaved,” Turner sings in the first verse.


“Miranda’s just actually quite a nice person, but my dad was a shitty person, a bitter and angry and resentful person who had a gigantic temper problem,” the musician explained in a statement.

“If you just continue with resentment endlessly for somebody, it’s not having any kind of meaningful effect. The only person it’s affecting is you and it’s a waste of energy.”

He continued: “Miranda’s not a completely new person, but she’s certainly a new version of a person – and a much better version.

Turner also opened up about the song’s subject matter during a recent interview. Speaking of his past struggles with Miranda, he said: “It was never violent, but it was everything up to that, and it was extremely fucking unpleasant.”

The singer went on to explain that the pair had since “found our even keel”, adding: “She’s really fun, really chatty and she cares. [She’s] interested in who I am and what I do, which my dad never was at all. It’s always going to be a work in progress, but we’re doing all right.”


The forthcoming ‘FTHC’ is the follow-up to 2019’s ‘No Man’s Land’. It was recorded at Abbey Recording Studios just outside Oxford and produced/mixed by Rich Costey (Foo FightersMuseBiffy Clyro).