FREAKCLUB announce ‘Bambi Vol. 1’ EP with new single ‘I’ve Been Crying’

The group explained that ‘I’ve Been Crying’ was the first song they’d ever written together

Naarm/Melbourne hip-hop collective FREAKCLUB have returned with an emotive new single titled ‘I’ve Been Crying’, sharing with it the news of their forthcoming debut EP, ‘Bambi Vol. 1’.

The group explained in a press release that ‘I’ve Been Crying’ was the first song they’d ever written together, shortly after they’d all convened in Melbourne for the first time “after years of building this connection”. Four of the group’s members – Cody, Wolf Henson, Zac Sunset and Zvchvrivh – were living together in a two-bedroom apartment, they noted, with “some of us living on blow-up mattresses wherever we could fit”.

“There was a lot of tinkering in the studio back then, a lot of late nights just talking, searching through playlists, finding sounds and figuring out how we could make them our own,” the group continued in their statement. “The beat kinda came out of nowhere, we just started with something simple and kept adding new layers and ideas (that’s kinda how a lot of our music is made).


“As soon as there was a bit of a base, melodies started coming to us pretty quickly. Zvchvrivh was newly experimenting with Hip-Hop and was still finding a place he could fit in. We remember he was kinda just hunched over a piece of paper writing down lyrics and then just randomly approached the mic like, ‘What if I did something like this?’ That verse really set the tone for what would become our creative process.”

FREAKCLUB went on to say that they “wanted to write lyrics that felt like diary entries”, asserting that the six songs they ended up minting for their upcoming release “have truly become the soundtrack to our lives at the time”.

Take a look at the video for ‘I’ve Been Crying’ – helmed by the band’s visual director, Charles Buxton-Leslie – below:

‘Bambi Vol. 1’ is set for release independently on March 25. In addition to ‘I’ve Been Crying’, the record features previous singles ‘Perfect’ and ‘Bambi’, both of which landed towards the end of 2021. The group described the record as their “statement as a band”, saying it “encapsulates the feelings and experiences of our adolescence and coming of age with the same vulnerability and innocence we felt”.

“It also dives into the feelings of pain and loss,” they continued, “and the celebration of friendship. “We want FREAKCLUB to be that safe space we never had, we want anyone that’s feeling lost or confused to hear what we are saying and know they are not alone.”


FREAKCLUB are currently in the midst of a residency at Melbourne haunt Yah Yahs, curating the second Friday of each month. Their penultimate appearance will go down next week on February 11, with the final instalment booked for the same date in March. The group will also perform at this year’s St Kilda Festival on Sunday February 13.