FREAKCLUB make an enthralling debut with dancehall-inspired ‘Perfect’

The Naarm/Melbourne collective have "a lot of music already finished and ready to go"

Naarm/Melbourne hip-hop collective FREAKCLUB have shared their debut single, a vibey mid-tempo bop titled ‘Perfect’.

Echoing similar groups like Odd Future and Brockhampton, the sextet strike with a radiant youthfulness and tight, collaborative musicality. They fuse elements of dancehall, indie-rock, R&B and pop into the breezy and lighthearted ‘Perfect’, switching between rap and melodic vocals.

‘Perfect’ arrives alongside a film clip that ties together three distinct narratives – one in which rapper Wolf Henson gets stood-up for a date, one that follows singer Zvchvrivh and his boyfriend being caught kissing by the latter’s homophobic father, and one wherein rapper Zac Sunset makes a shoddy attempt to steal from a convenience store.


Take a look at the film clip for ‘Perfect’ below:

In a press release, FREAKCLUB – which in addition to the three vocalists (who all double as producers), features DJ and producer Cody, photographer Brianna Da Silva and director Charles Buxton-Leslie – explained that ‘Perfect’ was one of the first tracks they’d written as a collective.

“We were trying to capture the rhythm and energy of dancehall music we love,” they said, “but blend it with elements of hip-hop and melodic pop we were more familiar with. The beat switch came along later, we felt like the track was missing something unexpected.

“Lyrically it’s a bit ‘ignorance is bliss’, a lot of shit was going on at the time [so] writing happy songs was kinda therapeutic.”

As for the track’s accompanying film clip, the group noted that inspiration came from the coming-of-age films popular in the ‘90s and 2000s. They aimed to incorporate themes of “teenage rebellion, romance and heartbreak”, with the video as a whole “[serving] as a reminder that things will always work out in the end”.


In an interview with Pilerats, FREAKCLUB hinted that a follow-up to ‘Perfect’ will land sooner than later. They said: “We have a lot of music already finished and ready to go, and we’re super excited to play live shows. We’ve spent a lot of time working together and making sure we are proud of everything we do.”