FREAKCLUB muse on heartbreak with touching new single ‘Bambi’

The group also announced a three-date residency at Melbourne hotspot Yah Yah's

Naarm/Melbourne hip-hop collective FREAKCLUB have shared their second track for the year (and second altogether), a heartfelt slow-burner titled ‘Bambi’.

Inspired by the emotive R&B ballads of the ‘80s and ‘90s, the track sees singers Wolf Henson, Zac Sunset and Zvchvrivh – all of whom double as producers – muse pensively on a fractured relationship, trading lines back and forth over a heady base of cold, reverberant keys, understated synths and a crisp, driving 808 beat.

It arrives alongside a video helmed by the group’s visual director, Charles Buxton-Leslie, which echos the visual aesthetic of the era they were inspired by. Take a look at it below:


In a press release, FREAKCLUB declared ‘Bambi’ to be “the centrepiece of our vision for this era”. They explained that the track’s concept had originated from “a basic drum loop we took from a scrapped beat and a simple keyboard motif”, and evolved as the group further explored their influences.

“We wanted to make something that sounded pretty,” they continued, “but had that heavy feeling like carrying around your emotional baggage. We all knew how we felt when we wrote it but the lyrics are up for interpretation.”

Alongside ‘Bambi’ – which lands a month after the release of FREAKCLUB’s debut single, ‘Perfect’ – the group shared the first episode of their new webseries FCTV, aiming to invite new fans into the inner workings and philosophies behind FREAKCLUB.

The premiere episode, titled ‘Join The Club’, sees each member detail their origins in the group, ruminate on their individual and combined creative processes, and ponder what the future holds for FREAKCLUB. Take a look it below:


The group also announced a set of trio of live shows at local hotspot Yah Yah’s, set to take place every second Friday in December, January and February. It’ll mark the group’s first live performances since their public debut last month.

Each show will feature a different set of support acts perform alongside FREAKCLUB, with Reyko! leading the fray on December 10, R.em.edy on January 14 and Sascha Astrid on February 11. Presale tickets for each date are available now from FREAKCLUB’s website.

On the concept behind their ‘Club Night’ residency, FREAKCLUB said: “ The local music scene has been almost completely non-existent for the better part of two years now, so we had the idea of holding a club night where we can showcase some amazing local artists we love in a safe and inclusive environment.

“Yah Yah’s is seen as one of the more prominent LGBQTI+ spaces in Melbourne and it’s a real honour to be able to use it as the location for these special nights! FREAKCLUB will be taking place the second Friday each month over summer and each night will be full of surprise acts, great music, and a chance for everyone to let their hair down and have some fun for the first time in what feels like a very long time!”