fromis_9’s Jiwon wants the group to “be together until the very end”

“They’re the ones who are always with me, whether I’m having a hard time or a good one”

fromis_9 vocalist Jiwon has shared her hopes on the group’s future together.

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, the idol expressed her love for her bandmates, revealing her desire for the girl group to remain together for a long time, and her role as the “bridge” between the group’s members.

“We’ve been together a long time, so I’m used to having them around and feel anxious when I don’t,” said Jiwon. “I think that’s why it feels like I never want them to change and want us to be together until the very end. They’re the ones who are always with me, whether I’m having a hard time or a good one.”


The singer also spoke about her love for the choreography of fromis_9’s new single ‘DM’, which includes several moments where the members hug one another. “When I stand in the center and look at all the other members, I just bubble over with emotion,” Jiwon shared. “They just look so sweet and happy together, so sometimes even in the middle of practice I felt like I was going to cry.”

Later, Jiwon shared her admiration for fromis_9’s leader Saerom, and how she tries to support her by acting as the “bridge” of the girl group. “[Being the leader] can be a really burdensome and challenging role to play, but she’s doing a fantastic job,” she said. “So I always tell her, Saerom, if you’re ever having a hard time, tell me. I’ll be your bridge.”

Last week, fromis_9 returned their fourth mini-album ‘Midnight Guest’ which featured the lead single ‘DM’. The project marked their second release since their move to HYBE Labels. At a press conference for the release, the girl group shared that they felt pressure as the only all-female act under the major label.

“Of course, we feel a sense of pressure at having such a huge agency’s name attached to us”, shared Saerom, as translated by Soompi. “But we tried to think of the pressure as a driving force to make fromis_9’s color stronger.”

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