Fryars announces first new album in six years and shares title track ‘God Melodies’

He released his last studio effort 'Power' back in 2014

Fryars has announced a new album and shared its title track ‘God Melodies’ – you can listen to it below.

The musician and producer, whose real name is Benjamin Garrett, released his last studio effort ‘Power’ back in 2014.

The new record will also include last year’s ‘Quail’s Egg No.1 In C Sharp Major’ and ‘Virtual Reality Games’ featuring Rae Morris.


“‘God Melodies’ is about the purity of how we receive musical ideas, when we make something from nothing,” Garrett said of the new record.

“The whistling motif is how Rae and I communicate to each other from opposite ends of the house. Or to suggest whether we’re upstairs or downstairs depending on the inflection in the melody. It seemed like a good idea to preserve that in song for eternity. Every idea is handed to us, whether we like it or not. We are only curators.”

Fryars produced Rae Morris’ 2018 album ‘Someone Out There’, on which he is also credited as a co-writer for a number of songs. The pair had previously worked together on the collaborative single ‘Cold’ from Morris’ debut record ‘Unguarded’.

The video for Fryars’ new single is also being teased via his TikTok page through a series of short clips. The full video will be released over the next week.

Garrett has writing and production credits on Lily Allen’s Mercury-nominated LP ‘No Shame’, having co-written and produced its first single ‘Trigger Bang’ among other cuts.


Fryars’ 2014 album received three-and-a-half stars from NME and was described as “often brilliant, frequently quirky, but occasionally jarring”.