Funkoars’ Sesta releases debut solo single ‘Coughin’ In My Face’

The self-produced track riffs on the coronavirus pandemic

Funkoars MC Sesta has released his debut solo single, ‘Coughin’ In My Face’ today (July 10). Sesta wrote, rapped and produced the track himself, while Funkoars member Trials works on new music with Briggs for A.B. Original.

As is apparent from the title, ‘Coughin’ In My Face’ riffs on the coronavirus pandemic, referencing its alleged animal to human transmission, the Ruby Princess, panic buying and more.

Sesta has also shared a lyric video for the track, produced by PigeonHoleTV, with goofy pictorial animation – watch it below:


Sesta was last heard featuring alongside Trials on K21’s ‘Issues’, taken from the latter’s 2018 debut album ‘Any Given D-Day’. Funkoars have been curiously inactive over the last five years. Their last studio album, ‘The Quickening’, was released in 2011, and was followed by the ‘Dawn of the Head’ EP in 2014.

In early 2018, the Aussie hip-hop group announced that their fifth album would be called ‘yeah, nah’, and that it would feature appearances from Dune Rats, Ash Grunwald, DJ Premier, Tha Alkaholiks and “friends we can’t discuss yet”. Their song with Dune Rats was called ‘Your Dad’s A Dickhead (And So’s His Son)’. Grunwald contributed guitar work to the album, and a four-piece brass section was also recorded.

They told Rolling Stone Australia at the time that it was expected in the second quarter of that year, and that they had made it after scrapping another whole album, tentatively titled ‘In Case of Emergency’. Two years later, ‘yeah, nah’ is still yet to arrive.