f(x)’s Luna pays tribute to Madonna on her brand-new single

'Madonna' is her first solo release in two years

South Korean singer Luna, also a member of girl group f(x), has released the music video for her long-awaited solo comeback ‘Madonna’.

The dance-pop track is a tribute to its namesake, pop legend Madonna, and makes a reference to the snger’s 1990 hit single ‘Vogue’. “When I grow up / I wanna be like Madonna / When I grow up / I wanna vogue how I wanna, I wanna,” Luna sings on the chorus.

Meanwhile, the accompanying music video features the K-pop idol performing sleek choreography on a number of different sets, including a sprawling abandoned factory.


The release comes just weeks after Luna first announced that she was preparing to make her first solo comeback in two years. Her last release was her 2019 digital single ‘Even So’, which also featured the B-side tracks ‘Do You Love Me’ and ‘Bye Bye’.

The f(x) vocalist broke the news with an Instagram post where she hinted that she would soon be making a comeback. “Thank you very much to MeU (the name of f(x)’s fandom) and everyone who waited for me and supported me!! [I feel] excited to be making a comeback after a long time. See you soon,” she wrote.

The singer’s return to music marks her first release since departing from her previous agency SM Entertainment in 2019. Luna went on to establish her own label, Grida Entertainment, earlier this year.

Luna originally made her solo debut in 2016 with the mini-album ‘Free Somebody’. Since then she has released several digital singles such as ‘Night Reminiscin’’, which featured Yang Da-il, and her 2020 song ‘It Hurts And Hurts’. Additionally, she has established a career as a musical actress, starring in productions such as Mamma Mia! and The Days.