G Flip shares melancholic new single ‘I’d Rather Go To Bed’

“It’s about feeling so miserable that you’d rather not get up and face the day"

G Flip has shared her latest single, ‘I’d Rather Go To Bed’.

The track is a melancholic pivot from her previous tracks, driven by minimal keys and drum machines. In a press statement, Georgia Flipo – G Flip’s real name – said she wrote the song in “a very depressive time”.

“It’s about feeling so miserable that you’d rather not get up and face the day and just sleep and live in your dreams,” she said.


“I think despite the fact the song is written about depression, it carries an almost promising tone of anticipation in the peace we all feel when we sleep and specifically dream.”

A music video, directed by Prad Sen, riffs on the escapism of lucid dreaming by casting the musician in a 32-bit video game – watch it below.

‘I’d Rather Go To Bed’ follows on from Flipo’s October track, ‘You & I’, and ‘Hyperfine’, which arrived in May.

It also coincides with the release of a more unusual collaboration for Flipo – her own style of Crocs. They’re a tie-dye colour, with a collection of her own Jibbitz accessories.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, Flipo said she was planning to release a new track every eight weeks or so, having written more than 40 unreleased songs.


“There’s definitely a solid 10 that I’m keen to get out there. The process takes so long to get a song out, that by the time those months have passed I’ll change my mind,” she said.

“I’ve got planned what I think I’ll release, but next month I might decide ‘Nah, scrap that song, I’m gonna put this song on now’. It kind of always changes.”

G Flip released her debut album, ‘About Us’, in 2019. She recently took home the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Australian Act.