G Flip drops new LGBTQIA+ anthem ‘You & I’

The follow-up to 'Hyperfine' is here

G Flip has today (October 2) dropped her new single, ‘You & I’.

Announcing the single earlier this week, the new track from G Flip – real name Georgia Flipo – is packed with soaring synths and features your typical G Flip anthemic chorus.

Listen to it below:


“It’s about being able to look at someone and the whole world just becomes background noise to your epic love story and it feels like it’s only you and that other person standing on the planet,” she said of the single in a press statement.

“It’s a highlight reel of beautiful moments to me. It’s extremely bittersweet as I wrote this song when I was crazy in love and I’m currently healing from a break up. It was written in a couple of hours while I was in London with a producer named Bastian….and it’s my mum’s favourite song.”

The single is her first official release since she dropped ‘Hyperfine‘ in May. She had initially teased ‘Hyperfine’ as a demo, later performing it as part of triple j‘s ‘Like A Version’ alongside a cover of ‘Lady Marmalade‘. Later on, another version of ‘Hyperfine’ was released with a featured verse from Loveleo.

In July, G Flip lent vocals to Illy‘s latest track ‘Loose Ends‘, which is his second single of the year following ‘Last Laugh’.

Earlier this month, G Flip teamed up with Australian underwear company Bonds to release a new song, titled ‘Unapologetic‘.


“It’s about loving yourself and being unapologetically you, even if you’ve got your period,” she explained of the song.

G Flip wasn’t the only artist enlisted by the company for the ‘Bloody Comfy Undies’ campaign, as it also saw new music from Kira Puru, Alice Skye, Georgia Maq, Montaigne and Ali Barter.