G Flip releases new version of ‘Hyperfine’ with LoveLeo

The original version was released as a single in May

G Flip has teamed up with LoveLeo to record a new version of recent single ‘Hyperfine’. Listen to the track below:

G Flip – real name Georgia Flipo – first released ‘Hyperfine’ in May. It was Flipo’s first single of the year, and her first release since her debut album, 2019’s ‘About Us’.


Before she released ‘Hyperfine’ as a single, Flipo performed it on triple j’s Like A Version in March, following months of playing it live. G Flip also performed a cover of Labelle’s 1974 hit ‘Lady Marmalade’ as part of the segment.

In a press statement, Flipo explained that she “wrote [‘Hyperfine’] after having silly little bickering fights with my partner.”

“In relationships, it’s so common to say ‘it’s fine’ when it’s really not fine. If you care about someone, talk to them,” she said.

G Flip appeared on the cover of NME Australia’s May edition. Speaking to NME Australia, Flipo explained that she hopes to release several follow-up singles to ‘Hyperfine’ this year.

“There’s definitely a solid 10 that I’m keen to get out there. The process takes so long to get a song out, that by the time those months have passed I’ll change my mind,” she said.


“I’ve got planned what I think I’ll release, but next month I might decide ‘Nah, scrap that song, I’m gonna put this song on now’. It kind of always changes.”

G Flip’s collaborator on the single, LoveLeo, is forging his own career as a solo artist. The son of actor John C. Reilly, Leo released his debut single, ‘BOYFREN’, in late 2019. The track, along with its follow-up singles, ‘ROSIE’ and ‘LEMONS’, has amassed millions of hits online.