G Flip teams up with UPSAHL for steamy new single ‘Scream’

It arrived alongside an aptly hot-and-heavy music video

G Flip has teamed up with American singer-songwriter UPSAHL for their new collaborative single, ‘Scream’.

The steamy track has sensual electronic production and masterful drum breakdowns courtesy of G Flip – real name Georgia Flipo. Its lyrics speak to having intense physical chemistry with someone, as the pair sing “I’m in love with your body / keep giving it to me / we’ll scream all through the night“.

An equally spicy music video arrived alongside the track, which sees Flipo, UPSAHL and a bunch of other actors each getting hot-and-heavy with their respective partners.


“Things got a lil steamy in this clip,” Flipo wrote on social media, which you can see for yourself below.

The cut is the latest in a string of collaborations Flipo has released this year, including ‘Queen’ with mxmtoon, ‘Not Even In Vegas’ with Thomas Headon, ‘Boys & Girls’ with filous, ‘Waiting Game’ with renforshort and ‘My Mind’ with Baker Boy, lifted from the Yolngu rapper’s latest album ‘Gela’.

Flipo also helped co-write a track for fellow Melbourne artist Hope D back in September, called ‘Happy Hangover’.

Flipo recently revealed that they’ll be accompanying US singer Fletcher on her North American tour next year.


Jumping on Instagram last week, Flipo, who is currently in the US to “build a fanbase”, said: “I met Fletcher two weeks ago and then I was talking to her about our dreams and our passions and what we want to do on this planet … and then she facetimes me the next day and just goes ‘G, do you want to be the tour support for my US tour?'”