Gang Of Youths release new single ‘In The Wake Of Your Leave’

Taken from their forthcoming album 'Angel In Realtime', out next month

Gang Of Youths continue to build hype for their next album, with the release of new single ‘In The Wake Of Your Leave’.

‘In The Wake Of Your Leave’ marks the fifth song to be released from their forthcoming third album ‘Angel In Realtime’, following ‘The Angel Of 8th Ave.’, ‘Unison’, ‘The Man Himself’ and ‘Tend The Garden’.

The song includes a slew of contributions made from people outside the band, including backing harmonies courtesy of the Auckland Gospel Choir, and percussion provided by a number of drummers from the Cook Islands.


Listen to ‘In The Wake Of Your Leave’ below.

“I wanted to reflect on how I became dependent on grief for solace and inspiration,” frontman Dave Le’aupepe said of the song in a press statement.

“The cycle from numbness to acceptance to yearning plays a role in my approach to grieving my dad’s death. As a result, most of the time, I feel a bit futile as a person.”

When they teased the song earlier this week, the band posted a video of themselves singing and dancing to the track accompanied by Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo.

“It came easy compared to much of the record,” the band wrote on Instagram of the new song.


“Dave wrote the chorus walking around Copenhagen one night and everything kinda fell into place with it.”

In late 2020, Ricciardo revealed he had lent both vocals and drums to the band’s new album when he joined them in their London studio.

‘Angel In Realtime’ is due out on February 25, marking the band’s first album since 2017’s ‘Go Farther In Lightness’. The album is inspired by frontman Dave Le’aupepe’s late father, whose face adorns the album’s artwork.

“My dad was a gifted and passionate gardener. It’s where he funnelled a lot of his energy and sensitivity, and despite our humble economic status, we were always surrounded by beauty,” Le’aupepe said in a press release.

“The journey he made from Samoa to NZ to Australia was a difficult and inspiring one, but also fraught with mistakes, regret and terrible choices. I like to think he was building something beautiful, and pondering what life had given him in spite of his mistakes and concealment. We never knew his story until after he died, so this is the most poetic interpretation of his affinity for gardening that I could think of.”

They’ll be taking the album on an extensive world tour throughout this year, playing shows across Europe, North America and Australia.

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