Gaudion shares single ‘TV Shows’, announces livestreams

'TV Shows' is the singer's first release this year

Singer-songwriter Gaudion has released his first new music of 2020.

The single, ‘TV Shows’, follows on from his two singles of 2019: April’s ‘Feel Like Clarity’ and June’s ‘Animal’.

To accompany the release of ‘TV Shows’, Gaudion has released his first-ever official music video. The clip was directed by Guido Pezz, and stars Gaudion himself alongside actors Annabel Groves and Matthew Birgan.


Watch the video below:

In a press statement, the singer said he began writing ‘TV Shows’ while working on a farm in Saskatchewan, at a time when he felt restless in life.

“I was also going through a difficult stage of adolescence; through this song I was aiming to express my current feelings with music”, he said.

“It’s not the first song I ever wrote, and definitely not the last, but it holds a long journey of my emotions, my memories and my thoughts.”

As for the music clip, Gaudion has said its creation was “one of the most fun journeys ever”. The video depicts the timeline of a relationship, with the singer watching unnoticed.


“It’s literally a video of me watching TV shows which follow the emotions of the music. I’m very happy with the process, the beautiful actors we worked with and laughs we had along the way”, he said.

Gaudion has also announced two live-streamed performances from his social media. They are scheduled for April 2 at 7:30pm AEDT, and April 30 at 7:30 AEST. The shows will be streamed on both Instagram and YouTube.

Gaudion is a regular street performer on the Gold Coast, but the coronavirus pandemic has since put an end to that.

“In our industry, all shows have been cancelled, jobs have been lost and artists are genuinely scared of the carryover effects that this virus will have”, he said.

“I feel the need to keep moving forward and I’m also in a position to brighten people’s days through sharing my music, so I feel very fortunate.”