Genesis Owusu links up with PRICIE for new single ‘Friendzone’

PRICIE recently supported Owusu at his shows in Melbourne

Genesis Owusu has been enlisted by rapper and singer-songwriter PRICIE to help her out on her new single, ‘Friendzone’.

‘Friendzone’ is just the second single PRICIE has released, following on from her debut ‘too dang good’ released back in February.

The two have collaborated in some respect before, with PRICIE supporting Genesis Owusu at his recent shows in Melbourne as part of his ‘Smiling With No Teeth’ album tour.


Listen to ‘Friendzone’ below.

“‘Friendzone’, the title no-one wants. It’s something a lot of us have experienced (I actually haven’t though, cause I’m a pimp),” PRICIE explained of the song in a press statement.

“I wrote this track about a situation I spectated, where a friend of mine was playing the friendzone game basically pulling a female along and adoring her and everything about her, but not putting a title on it.”

In a separate statement, NME 100 member Owusu said it was “more than a pleasure” to jump on the track, saying “The track slaps. What more needs to be said?”.

Genesis Owusu is still riding the wave of his debut album ‘Smiling With No Teeth’, which NME‘s Cyclone Wehner described as “a riveting album that underscores the power of self-knowledge, perspective and art – one that should be cranked loud.”


Owusu recently tipped Harvey Sutherland to remix album track ‘Gold Chains’. Shortly after, he announced details of his first ever US tour.