Genesis Owusu shares new track ‘Whip Cracker’

"I'm not gonna sit here and try to convince anyone why me and my family's lives matter"

Ghanaian-Australian rapper Genesis Owusu has released a new track, ‘Whip Cracker.’

The song, released today (June 5), was accompanied by a video and a statement from the artist. The video for ‘Whip Cracker,’ directed by Bart Celestino, sees Owusu stand alone and perform the song against a black backdrop. Nearly the entire video was recorded in a single-shot take.

Watch the video for ‘Whip Cracker’:


In a statement, also posted on Instagram, Owusu wrote of the song’s creation.

“I wrote it a year ago, [and] wrote a lot of the lyrics 2 years ago,” he said. “[I]t frustratingly doesn’t get less relevant.”

“I’m not gonna sit here and try to convince anyone why me and my family’s lives matter. I’m not gonna be congratulating white people for not being racist, and I’m not gonna beg and plead for the justice of my people anymore. I’m taking that shit.”

Owusu also shared a link to Ways To Act, a list of organisations that work with indigenous Australians. These include Justice For Yuendumu, Aboriginal Legal Services and Justice For David Dungay Junior. Find the full list, and ways you can help, here.


‘Whip Cracker’ follows on from Owusu’s first new music of the year – the single ‘Don’t Need You,’ released in May.