Genesis Owusu shares Mick Jenkins remix of ‘Don’t Need You’

The first remix released from 'Smiling With No Teeth'

Genesis Owusu has shared a remix of ‘Don’t Need You’ featuring a new verse from Mick Jenkins.

The new version of the ‘Smiling With No Teeth’ single keeps the original instrumental mostly intact, with Jenkins transposing the track’s depressive themes to something more braggadocious (“Float like a butterfly/ Rhyme like Cashus“).

It’s also Jenkins’ first new music of the year, after releasing his last studio album, ‘The Circus’, in 2020.


Listen to the remix below.

‘Don’t Need You’ was the first single released from Genesis Owusu’s 2021 debut album ‘Smiling With No Teeth’, in May last year.

The Canberra-based artist released the full record at the beginning of March this year, and was NME‘s cover star the month prior.

In the interview, he explained the lyrical concept of the two black dogs which appear throughout the album, representing depression and racism.

“Obviously, I knew of the black dog as a metaphor for depression. But then it struck me – I’ve literally been called a black dog in my life with the racial slur connotation,” Owusu explained.


“I thought it was interesting how that phrase encapsulated both things I was talking about. I didn’t really want to tackle it as ‘statistics and blah blah blah’.

“The reason I chose these two concepts is they’re ideas that have been weighing on me for such a big portion of my life. It’s a seesaw, they’re both codependent on each other a lot of the time.”

NME reviewed ‘Smiling With No Teeth’ and gave it four stars, describing it as “an ambitious concept album with a cerebral theme and experimental sonics, defined by the auteur’s curation – rapping, singing and directing”.

Owusu is set to tour the record nationally in May, with most dates already sold out.

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