Genesis Owusu unveils Harvey Sutherland remix of ‘Gold Chains’

He's also dropped an alternate, futuristic video for the remix

Genesis Owusu has released a remix of his song ‘Gold Chains’, helmed by Melbourne producer Harvey Sutherland.

In addition to the remix, Owusu has unveiled an alternative video for the song, made in collaboration with digital artist and heavy metal musician Serwah Attafuah.

Sutherland’s remix of ‘Gold Chains’ delivers far more rapid-fire synths than usual, matching the futurism displayed in Attafuah’s alternate video.


Watch the alternate video below.

“I’m always aspiring to curate the sounds of the future and the sounds of the unknown,” Owusu said of the remix.

“Harvey Sutherland has this certain charm about his work that somehow feels futuristic and reminiscent at the same time, so it felt more than right to enlist him to produce the ‘Gold Chains’ Remix.”

This isn’t the first time Sutherland and Owusu have linked up, with Sutherland producing and engineering ‘Smiling With No Teeth’ track ‘Easy’, the same album ‘Gold Chains’ appears on.

Speaking of the collaboration with Attafuah, NME 100 member Owusu said, “This concept of futurism, Afrofuturism specifically, is what drew me in so deeply to Serwah Attafuah’s work, a fellow Ghanaian-Australian artist.


“I’m so glad we finally got to work together on the music video for this ‘Gold Chains’ remix; her work is seriously next level.”

Owusu, who is currently in the thick of a nationwide tour, linked up with The Chats to perform a cover of Talking Heads‘ ‘Psycho Killer’ on ‘The Set’ earlier this year.

He is also set to tour America for the very first time early next year.