George Alice releases new version of ‘Stuck In A Bubble’

Produced by Japanese Wallpaper

George Alice has today (October 9) released a new version of recent single ‘Stuck In A Bubble’, this time produced by Japanese Wallpaper.

While the original NASAYA-produced version of the song is up-and-down funk-driven pop, this alternate version is a dreamy, ethereal and stripped-back affair.

Accompanying the new release is a Zoee Marsh-directed music video, which shows footage of Alice’s day-to-day life in Adelaide formatted through Polaroid-style photos. Watch it below:


Of the original song, which was released back in June, Alice spoke about who she hopes can relate to it.

“I’m hoping ‘Stuck In a Bubble’ can be heard as an anthem for people young and old who feel like their ground isn’t steady, they don’t have plans, and ultimately are just a little confused about the world around them,” she said.

“I’m filled with questions I don’t think I will ever find answers to, but hopefully this is the arm of comfort reaching towards you to be on this journey together.”

‘Stuck In A Bubble’ is Alice’s second official single, following her breakout track ‘Circles’ which dropped in 2019.


Japanese Wallpaper has had an incredibly prolific 2020 so far, offering remixes to a slew of artists including Charli XCX‘s ‘Forever‘, Yumi Zouma‘s ‘Cool For A Second‘ and Wolfjay‘s ‘Together‘.