George Ezra opens up on his struggles with OCD

The singer is having therapy to help with his Pure O

George Ezra has revealed that he is undergoing therapy for OCD while opening up on his struggles with the condition.

Speaking to the Daily Star’s Wired column, the ‘Shotgun’ singer-songwriter explained that he suffers from Pure O – a form of OCD which results in intrusive thoughts.

“Often OCD will come with physical actions that you have to carry out to silence the mind,” Ezra told the newspaper of his condition (via The List).


“Pure O is the name given to somebody who just experiences the thought patterns without the physical part. You can feel it coming on.

“You think, ‘Hang on, I’ve been free of this for a few weeks, why is it now that I’m allowing this back into my life?'”

George Ezra
George Ezra performs at Isle of Wight Festival 2019.

Last year, Ezra believed he had been “cured” from his OCD after he “crammed” a two-week course into just seven days. However, he added that he is now seeking further help after he began experiencing unwanted thought patterns once again.

“What I’ve done is I’ve contacted somebody – who I’m not going to mention because I don’t know if they’d want to be named – who is in the public eye who has spoken about this particular thing and has spoken very eloquently,” he said.

“I felt it very inspiring when they spoke about it.”


Ezra continued: “So I’ve contacted them to see if they can put me in touch with the counsellor or therapist that they see because I figure that this isn’t even a tenth of what I’ve experienced in the past so act on it now before it escalates.”