Georgia Mae shares vibrant new single ‘Soul Like This’

Her first single of 2020

Georgia Mae has shared a colourful new single today (August 14), entitled ’Soul Like This’.

The song, which marks Mae’s first release of the year thus far, is also Mae’s first single since signing with Lemon Tree Records in 2019.

“I feel a bit naked putting it out into the world but I wouldn’t want it any other way,” the Brisbane local said of the song, which she describes as a “bold one”.


“After a string a bad relationship choices, it felt time to do some much needed introspection… ‘Soul Like This’ is a testament to finding yourself, just as much as it is to finding your ‘soulmate’.”

Arriving on the scene in 2015 with her single, ‘Keeper of the Key’, Georgia Mae is yet to release a full-length body of work. In the years following her debut single, she has penned a handful of radio-ready tracks, including ‘Time With You’ and ‘Move’.

“Playing guitar on my bed is something I’ve done almost every day since I was about 10 years old, so I wanted the song to capture that sort of authentic intimate experience, while also developing into something larger than life to represent how far I’ve come, personally,” she said.

“The instrumentation feels very pure to me right now…it’s comforting, especially during such universally unsettling times. Above all, it just feels really good to sing from the heart again.”