Georgia van Etten shares introspective new single ‘Deep Black Water’

Her first release of the year

Geelong-born, UK-based musician Georgia van Etten has shared a new single, ‘Deep Black Water’, the title track of her upcoming album.

The song is a slight departure from her slick neo-soul/R&B-influenced tracks of the past, instead opting for a darker, blues rock sound.

It marks her first release of the year, following a scattering of singles last year including ‘I’d Like To Be’, ‘The Other Side (featuring Joey Landreth of The Bros. Landreth) and more.


van Etten released her debut EP, ‘Live at the Pool Studio’, in 2017. Release details of her upcoming album have yet to be announced.

Listen to ‘Deep Black Water’ below:

According to van Etten, the new single symbolises a “powerful reflection of life as a young person today”, as well as her thoughts on society in the present day.

“Inspired by the stories I have collected from students I have taught in London’s poorest areas and that of my own experiences in a money driven, elitist world,” she explained.

“The chant-like chorus came to me first, and I remember being interested in the concept of black water, after a panicked experience with the deep drop off after swimming out too far. I used this as a metaphor for submitting to the cause, being fed up with the system and despite fear – joining the fight for a better future.”