Listen to Gerard Way’s synth-pop collaboration with Disco Fries on ‘Falling In Love Will Kill You’

Tommie Sunshine and Wrongchilde also feature on the track

My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way has teamed up with Disco Fries for their new single ‘Falling In Love Will Kill You’.

The track, which was released today (January 22), also features Tommie Sunshine and Wrongchilde.

Over glossy synths and a steadily pulsating beat, Way opens the track by singing: “I’m OK, but I went to see the doctor yesterday / To tell him how my heart is going crazy / It feels like I got hit by a train.” You can listen to the song below now.


In a press release, Sunshine said of the song: “Sometimes you hear a song and it’s exactly as it needs to be. Other times you hear a song and you immediately know what you’re going to do to it. These vocals from Wrongchilde & Gerard Way are very special & we wrapped them in delicate production to match.”

Disco Fries added: “After Kill Hannah split up, I acted on the Spiderman Broadway show (w Bono and the Edge) and I found myself alone and without a band for the first time in my life. I had to go back to basics, and the first song I wrote on acoustic guitar was ‘Falling In Love Will Kill You’.

“Gerard Way was working on his solo record in North Hollywood, and by some MIRACLE, he was generous enough to come in and lay down vocals, which ended up being a Masterclass for me. He’s a guru. I never imagined it being a duet, but now I can’t hear it any other way.”

Meanwhile, Way recently reunited with My Chemical Romance. The band played their first show together in six years in LA in December and earlier this week confirmed plans to return to the UK this summer.

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