Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly returns with uplifting new single ‘Drift’

"This is a song about taking time to anchor your feet and slow your mind"

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly has shared a brand new single – listen to ‘Drift’ below.

The new track is Sam Duckworth’s first release on Southend-on-Sea-based label Cool Thing Records.

Speaking about the new track, Duckworth said: “This is a song about taking time to anchor your feet and slow your mind. After a year or so indoors through screens, life is returning. I am often taken back to that hour of outdoors by the beach where a new appreciation for my surroundings was found.


“As a world, we are increasingly spending more time in this world within a world that we have built on our phones and our tablets. We often discuss its problems on the very platforms we (over) share on, whilst feeding ourselves on a diet of our best and worst interests.

He added: “This respite from the online world that has been found in the physical world, is a reminder that amongst our complexities and technologies we are still simple beings. Don’t forget to breathe and drink it in.”

Listen to ‘Drift’ below:

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. initially announced their breakup in 2014, with Duckworth saying he was inspired to make the decision to end the band after watching LCD Soundsystem’s final gig, immortalised in the film Shut Up And Play The Hits.


In 2017, Duckworth returned to the project for a new album called ‘Young Adult’. The band were set to play a show with James last month, billed as London’s first major post-lockdown outdoor gig. The gig was then rescheduled after the UK’s lessening of lockdown restrictions was delayed to July 19.

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