Ex-GFRIEND’s Yuju makes much-anticipated solo debut with ‘Play’

"My time with GFRIEND members is what has made me and it will never go away"

Former GFRIEND vocalist Yuju has made her highly anticipated solo debut with the single ‘Play’, from her first mini-album ‘REC.’.

In the enchanting new clip, the singer sings about heartbreak on the sultry dance-pop single, while performing on gorgeous sets that are inspired by traditional Korean architecture.

“You played my love like a game / I gave my best with all my heart / When the flowers bloom beautifully and turned red / You broke it and far away, you departed,” she sings on the chorus. ‘Play’ is the title track of Yuju’s first solo mini-album ‘REC.’, which is out now


‘REC.’ features five brand-new tracks from the singer, including ‘Play’, all of which have been co-written by Yuju herself. Additionally, the tracks ‘겨우, 겨울’, which features rapper Mad Clown, and ‘The Killa’ were also co-produced by Yuju.

In a recent media showcase for the release, Yuju spoke about what it felt like recording new music without her long-time GFRIEND groupmates. “My time with GFRIEND members is what has made me and it will never go away,” she said, per Kpop Herald. “They’ll always be my closest and we’re still very supportive of each other.”

“As the members have made up for my weaknesses in the past, I did feel some pressure in doing everything alone. But it was also fun to talk about the emotions that I haven’t had the chance to before,” Yuju added.

‘REC.’ also marks Yuju’s first-ever music release as an artist under the Kang Daniel-led agency KONNECT Entertainment, which she signed to in September 2021 after her group’s departure from longtime agency Source Music last year.

In a statement regarding her new record label, Yuju shared that she felt “secure” to be working with KONECT Entertainment, saying that it had “good energy and sincere respect”. She added: “I want to approach the public in a new way with an honest image and diverse music.”


Meanwhile, three of Yuju’s fellow bandmates – SinB, Eunha and Umji – have opted to reunite as a three-piece group called VIVIZ, under the newly launched Big Planet Made (BPM) Entertainment.

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