(G)I-DLE drops special video for cheeky new track, ‘My Bag’

From their upcoming studio album ‘I Never Die’

K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE have previewed ‘My Bad’, a new song from their forthcoming album ‘I Never Die’, with a special video.

On March 8 at midnight KST, the quintet unveiled a minute-long video for ‘My Bag’, a new song from their forthcoming debut full-length studio album ‘I Never Die’. The full version of the song will arrive alongside the record on March 14 at 6pm KST.

In the visual, (G)I-DLE and a team of backup dancers arrive in the middle of an empty road in flashy white sports cars, and launch into the fierce choreography of ‘My Bag’. “Red five diamonds in my bag / If you wanna see it dance, don’t be like that,” chant Soyeon and Minnie.


‘My Bag’ was co-written and -composed by (G)I-DLE’s leader Soyeon. She had notably worked on nearly all the songs on ‘I Never Die’, including lead single ‘Tomboy’. Meanwhile, Chinese-born member Yuqi worked on ‘Liar’ and ‘Polaroid’, while Thai-born Minnie contributed to ‘Already’ and ‘Escape’.

‘I Never Die’ will be the girl group’s first project since former member Soojin left the group in August 2021. At the time, CUBE Entertainment did not name any explicit reasons for the idol’s departure, but also apologised for “having caused concern through the controversy associated with [Soojin]”.

Over the weekend, CUBE Entertainment released a statement notifying the public of the official termination of Soojin’s contract, six months after her departure from (G)I-DLE.

“The investigation determined that the individuals who made the comments were found not guilty of spreading false information,” it added. “We respect the results of the police investigation, and we apologise for causing concern to many people.”

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