Giggs teams up with Diddy for ‘Mandem’ and announces new album ‘Zero Tolerance’

"We ain't here to play with y'all motherfuckers, we're Black king gods," says Diddy

Giggs has released his first single of the year ‘Mandem’ from his upcoming sixth album ‘Zero Tolerance’, featuring Diddy. Check out the video below.

The ‘Peckham Landlord’ hasn’t put out much solo music since his 2020 second mixtape ‘Now Or Never’, which featured Meek Mill, Ray BLK and Ghetts, but last year hopped on Aitch’s ‘Just Coz’ and Tion Wayne’s ‘Suffer’.

Today (August 4), Giggs dropped ‘Mandem’ and its accompanying music video. The Louis Aura-produced track harks back to his signature “road rap” style made popular by his breakthrough hits ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’ and ‘Hustle On’, but with a modern trap revamp. The song even interpolates the Hollaman’s flow on ‘Lock Doh’: “Up hill’ed it / Tough world, but we levelled up / Upscaled it / Expelled him / That yout’s kinda full of bullshit / And I smelled it.”


In the Buck and Myles Whittingham-directed video, you can see Giggs standing tall with various ethnic groups, all of which represent the “mandem” he’s befriended in life.

The track sees Diddy ad-libbing over Giggs’ verses, leading a chant of “Black king gods” towards the end of the track. Afterwards, he compares the 40-year-old to himself: “You like me, longevity n**** / We ain’t here to play with y’all motherfuckers, we’re Black king gods.”

Giggs has also announced his sixth studio album ‘Zero Tolerance’, which will be released on August 14 via No BS Music Limited / Island Records. You can pre-save and pre-order the album here.

‘Mandem’ was released on the 15th anniversary of Giggs’ debut album ‘Walk in da Park’, released on August 4, 2008. Despite not being on the record, his debut single and now London anthem ‘Talkin Da Hardest’ propelled the project to high acclaim and is considered one of the most influential albums in UK rap.


In 2022, Giggs dropped the trap-influenced ‘Da Maximum’ and thought-provoking track ‘Time’. The same year, Jay-Z name-dropped him on DJ Khaled‘s Grammy Award-winning rap blockbuster ‘God Did’.

In April last year, he dropped the music video for ‘Just Coz’ with Aitch. In a statement, the latter artist explained: “We had a good laugh, it was an honour to work with the big man. Giggs taught me a lot of stuff; he’s my guy for life.”

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