Girl And Girl release new single ‘Ocean Song’

Their third single, and first for 2020

Gold Coast garage-rock band Girl And Girl have released a new single, ‘Ocean Song.’

The track, released today (September 10), is the band’s third single overall as well as their first of 2020. It follows the release of ‘Zachariah’s Third Eye’ in April 2019 and ‘I Hate You’ the following July.

Listen to ‘Ocean Song’ below:


In a press statement, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Kai Aubert explained that the song deals with “over-analyzing every possible situation.”

“The song says [to] spend more time taking action and less time thinking,” he said.

“Thinking will ruin your life – or thinking too much, rather.”

The band will launch the single with a show at Mo’s Desert Club House on the Gold Coast on Thursday September 24.

The show also doubles as the single launch for fellow Gold Coast native Amy Elise, who will launch her single ‘Hiding.’ The show was announced in late August, and has since sold out.


Girl And Girl formed in 2018 as an inter-generational collaboration between Aubert and his aunt Melissa James, AKA Aunty Liss.

They are joined by siblings Jayden and Coby Williams on guitar and bass, respectively.

‘Ocean Song’ will appear on the band’s as-yet untitled debut EP, which is projected for release in late 2020.