Glades make their return with new single ‘Vertigo’

The first taste of their forthcoming second album

Aussie pop outfit Glades have made their return today (April 29) with their brand new single ‘Vertigo’, the first taste of their forthcoming second album. Listen to it below:

The song premiered last night on triple j’s Good Nights with Bridget Hustwaite, and marks the first bit of new music we’ve heard from the trio since the release of their debut album, ‘To Love You’, in 2018.


“We knew ‘Vertigo’ had to be the first single because it’s such a shock,” said band member Joey Wenceslao in a press statement.

“It’s very different. Sometimes when you’re so infatuated with someone, you can’t see any of the red flags that your friends are seeing — this song is a warning to a friend about a girl who’s trouble, because you don’t want to see them get hurt.”

“It’s a warning to a friend who’s trying to pursue someone who’s emotionally unavailable and has a history of breaking hearts,” lead vocalist Karina Savage told Billboard.

“Despite what’s going on in the world we still wanted to continue to share music. I’ve been dancing around the house to this song. For us creating and listening keeps us sane in isolation and we hope our art can bring you joy in this time, too.”

According to Billboard, the band’s second album, titled ‘Planetarium’, is set for release later this year.