Glades share ‘Blonde’, the second single from forthcoming album

The follow-up to recent single 'Vertigo'

Glades’ new single ‘Blonde’ arrived on streaming services today (July 10). The Sydney pop outfit premiered the track on triple j’s Good Nights program earlier this week (July 7). Listen to it below:

‘Blonde’ is the follow-up to Glades’ single ‘Vertigo’. The band released ‘Vertigo’ in April after a break from releasing music of almost two years. Both tracks are expected to appear on the trio’s forthcoming second album, ‘Planetarium’.


Glades are yet to announce an exact release date for the record, though it is expected to hit shelves and streaming services later this year.

Per a press release, band member Joey Wenceslao said that “‘Blonde’ is about helping a friend through a breakup.”

“Sometimes you have to allow yourself to feel the full extent of your emotions to get through something. The song’s about being carefree and allowing yourself to do crazy shit to get over somebody,” Wenceslao explained.

Comprised of Wenceslao, Karina Savage and Cam Robertson, Glades formed in 2015 after meeting at a Sydney high school. They released their first single, ‘Falling Away’, that same year.

Their debut single, along with its follow-up, 2016’s ‘Drive’, helped to solidify the band’s place in the hearts and minds of Australia’s indie-pop fans.