Gold Fang celebrates “going against the grain” on new single ‘Big Natty Rasta’

"People look at Rastas as rebellious, and I think it is rebellious"

Gold Fang has shared a new single, entitled ‘Big Natty Rasta’, via Nina Las Vegas‘ label NLV Records.

The song marks the fourth new single from the rapper in 2022. March saw him release ‘Make It Snow’, a collaboration with fellow Sydney-based artist Danté Knows, which was then followed by ‘Matter To Me’ in April and ‘Wet’ in July. ‘Big Natty Rasta’ was produced by Swick, who is a labelmate of Gold Fang’s on NLV Records. The producer also served as a co-writer on the track, alongside Gold Fang himself.

An accompanying music video has been shared for the single, created by production company The Sesh. It depicts Gold Fang getting his hair braided by his friends, before rapping the song from a studio space containing a couch, a ladder, a stack of books and a large houseplant. Watch below:


In a press statement, Gold Fang explained that the song was a tribute to his homeland of Trinidad – the titular “natty” being a Rastafarian term referring to growing dreadlocks naturally.

“They had this thing back in the days where even in my country, you had to have certain hairstyles or else you [would] get sent home,” he said. “‘Big Natty Rasta’ is about going against the grain – people look at Rastas as rebellious, and I think it is rebellious. It’s not you trying to be the clean-cut person, it’s about you embracing who you are – embracing growth and authenticity.”

Coincidentally, this past April saw Gold Fang contribute a guest verse to the similarly-named ‘Rasta’, a single by Ghanaian-Australian duo Kinder. The song appeared on the siblings’ EP ‘Yenko’, which was released in May 2022. It is one of multiple guest verses and collaborations the rapper has worked on outside of his solo music in the last 18 months, which also includes his Big Skeez collaborative single ‘Where Yuh From’.