Golden Vessel returns with 10-minute track and short film ‘getforward’

Written with the help of Japanese Wallpaper

Brisbane producer and songwriter Golden Vessel has moved into 2021 in a big way, delivering a new 10-minute single, ‘getforward’.

Released under Golden Vessel’s own label, sumoclic, the track was co-written with Rutger van Woudenberg, Caleb John Hodges and Gabriel Strum, otherwise known as Japanese Wallpaper.

An equally sprawling short film has dropped to accompany the track, filmed in the empty streets of Lymington, England.


Watch the video, directed by Harry Deadman, below:

“I noticed that especially in the last year I’d been gravitating to songs with longer run times that made a nice accompaniment whilst I was cooking or driving or staying calm throughout last year,” Golden Vessel – real name Maxwell Byrne – said of ‘getforward’ in a press statement.

After using some old tape recordings sent from van Woudenberg and writing the chorus with Hodges, Byrne said that he sent the song to Strum for some finishing details.

“It was exciting to make something that had room to breathe, and I decided I wanted it to be perfectly 10 minutes long,” Byrne said.

“It’s pretty simple but lyrically it boils down to just trying to be present,” he continued later, “and not get carried away with future thinking so much.”


The song marks Golden Vessel’s first release since he dropped his second album ‘colt’ in 2020, which featured the likes of Mallrat and Akurei.

Last year also saw Byrne launch two different side projects – indie-rock band Lucky Idiot and lo-fi house project 1tbsp.