Good Morning launch Patreon service to fundraise for charities

This month's funds will benefit the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

Melbourne band Good Morning have launched a new Patreon service, with 100 per cent of proceeds directed toward a different local organisation or charity each month.

The Patreon was announced by the band yesterday (September 1) on Twitter and already has more than 20 monthly subscribers, amounting to at least $110 each month. Exclusive offers available to subscribing patrons include unreleased demos, cover tracks, giveaways, livestreams and tutorials.

On the webpage, the band said they have been looking at ways to use their platform for good.


“We’ve been trying to think of good ways that we can use our advantage of having a platform/audience etc to raise more money for charities and local organisations that might need the extra funds more than we do,” they said.

“This whole Patreon thing seems like a good way to continue doing that on a more regular basis.”

Speaking to NME Australia, Good Morning’s Stefan Blair said September’s funds will be going toward the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, and that the initiative is an “exercise in collectivism”. The band will also be encouraging suggestions from fans for where to donate future funds.

“I suppose the idea for this Patreon was born out of wanting to make a constant financial contribution towards organisations fighting for social equity. And whilst we may not have the kind of income that can uphold that kind of ongoing contribution, we do have a small, yet very supportive group of fans who we hope may share that same idea,” he said.

“It’s cool that musicians, and artists alike seem to rally together to raise money in times of ‘crisis’, but that often comes at the expense of our own income, which, for the most part, barely pays the rent anyway. So we thought that if we could consolidate our efforts, with the efforts of our friends and audience, collectively we’ll have a greater ongoing financial contribution.”


Good Morning released two records last year, ‘Basketball Breakups’ and ‘The Option’. They were forced to cut their US and Europe tour short in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, the band contributed to the ‘Stay Inside’ compilation album, a joint initiative from a number of Australian record labels. They also released a limited number of cassettes, with proceeds going towards Indigenous charities.