Good Morning release third single from new album, ‘Depends On What I Know’

The track's music video highlights the corporate web of companies that own their music label

Melbourne duo Good Morning have released the single ‘Depends On What I Know’, a week out from the arrival of their new album.

Based entirely on power chords, the new single is more up for interpretation compared to Good Morning’s previous releases, which often carry emotional or political themes.

“I usually try to bury the words in some level of abstraction so that they can be interpreted in different ways,” Good Morning’s Stefan Blair said in a statement. “But I suppose the overarching idea is that you can only do what you do, and make the decisions you make, based on the information you have at your disposal.”


‘Depends On What I Know’ arrives with a bizarre video directed by Aidan McDonald, which features footage of farm animals while also bringing to attention how their eponymous music label is a subsidiary of Virgin, which is a division of music giant Universal, which is partly owned by French media conglomerate Vivendi, which in turn is majority-owned by Bolloré.

“We’ve really outdone ourselves with the video for this one, pure finesse and class I’d say. I dunno that much needs to be said about it, just watch it for yourself if you feel like it, if not, huge loss for you I guess,” Blair said.

Watch the clip below:

‘Depends On What I Know’ is lifted from the group’s forthcoming album ‘Barnyard’, and follows on from earlier singles ‘Country’ and ‘Burning’. The record is due out October 22 through Good Morning / Virgin.