Gordi announces ‘Our Two Skins (Remixed) EP’, shares Helado Negro remix of ‘Free Association’

Featuring remixes from Georgia Maq, Lawrence English and more

Gordi has announced a remix EP of her latest album, ‘Our Two Skins’, featuring remixes from Ryan Hemsworth, Camp Cope‘s Georgia Maq, Loraine James, Helado Negro, Lawrence English and Alex Somers.

To accompany the news, Gordi has also released the first single from the album, a Helado Negro remix of her song, ‘Free Association’.

In a statement, Gordi – real name Sophie Payten – said she first crossed paths with Helado Negro at Berlin’s PEOPLE Festival.


“I must have listened to ‘This Is How You Smile’ a dozen times when it came out,” Gordi said.

“The subtle pulses and feelings that run through the music that Roberto [Helado Negro] makes are truly unique. Hearing that same life flood through ‘Free Association’ – the closer of Our Two Skins – is very special to me.”

Listen to Helado Negro’s remix of ‘Free Association’ below:

‘Our Two Skins (Remixed) EP’ is slated for release next week on January 27 via Jagjaguwar.

Gordi dropped her ‘Extraordinary Life Remix EP’ in October last year, featuring two remixes of the single by Georgia Maq and Alex Somers. The EP also included a 2018 demo of the track as well as a live recording from her recent Sydney Opera House performance.


The tracklist of ‘Our Two Skins (Remixed) EP’ is:

1. ‘Radiator (Lawrence English Remix)’
2. ‘Free Association (Helado Negro Remix)’
3. ‘Unready (Loraine James Remix)’
4. ‘Extraordinary Life (Georgia Maq Remix)’
5. ‘Extraordinary Life (Alex Somers Remix)’
6. ‘Unready (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)’
7. ‘Radiator (Lawrence English Remix – Eternal Coda)’

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