Gordi returns to her medical career amid the coronavirus pandemic

The artist quit working as a doctor in January

Singer-songwriter Gordi – real name Sophie Payten – will be returning to her past life as a junior doctor while her touring schedule is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement posted earlier today (April 7), Payten said she’s signed up to a locum agency that helps fill casual placements in hospitals throughout Australia. Payten completed her intern year in 2019 and hung up the stethoscope in January 2020 to tour and promote her forthcoming record ‘Our Two Skins’. She expects the agency will place her in one of the “fever clinics” established to alleviate the burden on the hospital system.

“Since I quit my job as a doctor it feels strange to totally turn my back on the medical industry in this health crisis,” she said.


“But hospitals just need numbers… I’ve reached out to the hospital I previously worked at to let them know I will be around if they need extra staff when COVID-19 really starts to wreak havoc in Australian emergency departments and clinics.”

In a previous interview with NME Australia, Payten explained how the coronavirus pandemic had completely uprooted her touring plans and she was in the process of applying for medical jobs. She was locked in as Of Monsters and Men’s support act during their US tour in May and June before it was postponed.

“If I can’t tour, it makes it very difficult to promote a record – and we’ve been working for a long time on this. So to feel like it may all come undone is devastating,” she said back in March.

Earlier today it was revealed that Gordi had curated a special international edition of the ISOL-AID livestream festival featuring Julien Baker, Shura, and Gordi herself, among others. It’s taking place from 11:30 AEST tomorrow (April 8) via Instagram Live, with money raised going to Australian charity Support Art.

Gordi announced her new album, ‘Our Two Skins’, and released the first track, ‘Aeroplane Bathroom’, on March 24. The LP is scheduled for release on June 19 via Liberation.


In February, Gordi released another single and music video titled ‘Sandwiches’, inspired by her late grandmother.