Gordon Koang shares new single ‘Tiel e Nei Nywal Ke Ran (We Don’t Have A Problem With Anyone)’

Taken from his first album recorded in Australia

South Sudanese-born, Melbourne-based musician Gordon Koang has shared a new single, entitled ‘Tiel e Nei Nywal Ke Ran (We Don’t Have A Problem With Anyone)’.

It’s the first single from Koang’s forthcoming 11th studio album, ‘Unity’, set to arrive on August 14. A joyous video for the new track, directed by frequent Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever collaborator Nick McKinlay, sees Koang and bandmate Paul Biel perform the track around an old motel in Frankston. Watch it below:


‘Unity’ will mark the first album released by Koang since he relocated to Australia from his native South Sudan. The blind Nuer musician grew up there and reached incredible viral popularity within the country with his music, and was referred to as the ‘Michael Jackson of South Sudan’. He was forced to permanently move to Australia following the outbreak of civil war in Sudan in 2013.

The new album was recorded in 2019 and finished weeks before Koang received permanent residency in Australia, after spending six years in the country as an asylum seeker.

In a press statement, the singer-songwriter said the new songs were “meaningful”.

“If you have a problem, like all crises in the world, these songs can comfort you and you will be calm. If you think differently, they can change your mind. If you think differently, you will understand the meaning of the songs and be happy,” Koang said.

“These are the main words for people to understand. I am a blind person, my mind is talking from peace, love and unity. My mind is talking peace, my mind is talking love, and also peace among all communities. I ask people to love themselves. People come from one mother, one father. I think people in the world can come under one umbrella. That one umbrella is love.”


Pre-orders for ‘Unity’ are open on Bandcamp here.