GOT7 make long-awaited return with whimsical music video for ‘NANANA’

Their new self-titled EP is out now

K-pop boyband GOT7 have made their long-awaited return with their new self-titled EP, led by the single ‘Nanana’.

Today (May 23), GOT7 returned with their 12th Korean-language EP, which is self-titled. The new record is led by the single ‘Nanana’, written by leader JAY B, and was accompanied by a vibrant and whimsical music video.

“Today, next to you, na-na-na / Someone who will make you smile, na-na-na / I like it, na-na-na / I’m curious about everything,” the boyband sing on the lighthearted R&B-inspired pop song.


Aisde from ‘Nanana’, ‘GOT7’ also features five other tracks, all of which were self-produced by the boyband. Notably, JAY B composed the tracks ‘Truth’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’, while vocalist Youngjae contributed to ‘Drive Me To The Moon’. Additionally, Yugyeom wrote and composed ‘Two’, and teamed up with Jinyoung for ‘Don’t Care About Me’.

The new EP marks the septet’s first since they departed from longtime agency JYP Entertainment in January last year. Their last mini-album was the April 2020 release ‘Dye’, which was followed by their fourth studio album ‘Breath Of Love: Last Piece’ in November the same year. GOT7 had also released the single ‘Encore’ in February 2021.

In anticipation of the release, GOT7 re-launched their social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok earlier this month, along with a re-designed logo. The group also seems to have adopted a new tagline, “GOT7 is our name”, as captioned in most of their new posts following the rebrand.

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