GOT7 reveal that JYP Entertainment’s offer for the boyband to stay “wasn’t bad”

“But our way and JYP’s way, it was just different," JAY B added

GOT7 have opened up about why they chose to part ways with JYP Entertainment, despite getting a fairly good offer from the agency.

Yesterday (May 23), the septet reunited and released a new self-titled EP, their first since leaving JYP Entertainment in January 2021. In a new interview with GQ Australia, the members of GOT7, now signed to seven different agencies, spoke about the reasons they left the company.

“JYP wasn’t a place that was very confined,” shared leader JAY B of their time under the agency, which recently granted GOT7 the rights to the group’s name, despite having left the company. “We had breaks and when we took a rest, we could rest properly. We were given our space.”


The singer then spoke about how JYP Entertainment’s for GOT7 to resign with the agency “wasn’t bad”. However, he also noted that the contrast in how the company and the boyband had viewed the future eventually led to their decision to leave.

“Our way and JYP’s way, it was just different. The way they looked at our solo promotions was different,” elaborated the idol. “I understand because JYP is a big company but, for me, I wanted more of a role in my work. I’m not trying to be a superstar, I just wanted to be me.”

Despite their differences, the group’s leader went on to voice his gratitude for the guidance they had received from JYP Entertainment throughout GOT7’s early career, stressing the importance of having the company’s input.

“It’s about finding the middle ground and that’s not a bad thing. It’s better than having them not care and just letting us do whatever we want,” he said. “Freedom is good, but structure is also necessary.”

Meanwhile, Mark Tuan has teased his debut solo album, saying that he’s done working on the upcoming record. The Taiwanese-American K-pop idol revealed that he had recently completed an “album-like project”, just prior to his arrival in South Korea to join GOT7 for the boyband’s comeback.

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