Grace Farriss releases debut single ‘All The People’

The daughter of INXS guitarist Andrew Farriss

Australian singer-songwriter Grace Farriss has released her debut single.

‘All The People,’ released today (June 25), is the first track to be lifted from Farriss’ debut album ‘Grace.’ Tony Buchen produced the track, recording it between two separate studios in Los Angeles.

Listen to ‘All The People’ below:


Farriss – the daughter of INXS guitarist Andrew Farriss – explained that she wrote the song in 2017 after “thinking deeply about the larger and more worldly aspects of life.”

“I have always had such a deep fascination with how all of the world’s cultures united and came to be,” she said.

“What I feel other cultures teach you is that we are all one and the same… I feel music and the arts certainly accomplish [this], to bring this awareness to us all.”

Farriss recently made the foray into music after working in other creative fields such as poetry and art. She also works as an environmental spokesperson, serving as an ambassador for both The Jane Goodall Institute and Sea Shepherd. Alongside ‘Grace,’ she will also release a book of collective works this year entitled ‘Poetry, Sayings And Stories.’


‘All The People’ also follows on from the debut EP from Tiger Lily, Michael Hutchence’s daughter, earlier this year.

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“ALL THE PEOPLE” Is here! Now available on all streaming services. In 2017 I wrote All The People. It is one of those songs that came to me quickly as well as the arrangement and the sound which became obvious soon afterward. A year of experimentation and understanding what the song wanted from conception to the sound I created in the build-up to recording the song was essential. Writing this song I often felt my consciousness rising on topic's of the human consciousness and our place on earth in our time. It is also a very fun song to play and sing. I would like to thank a couple of people in the lead up to releasing my debut single All The People. I would like to thank my partner for his support and love that inspires me everyday. I would like to thank my parents and family for being the greatest people in my life and for being a constant inspiration and support to me. I would like to thank my extended family, friends, and the music industry people and music enthusiasts that support my music and for helping me to share my music. I would like to thank the musicians that I have worked with up until now that have taught me a great deal about music. Collaborations as well as camaraderie in making music as well as community. Finally I would like to say thank you to myself and my younger self for writing so much when at times I felt like a true although beautiful out-cast. I am a songwriter first which then always seems to perpetuate the need to write and play and keep on writing. I am so excited for you to listen and to and enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed writing it and I enjoy playing it. After all you are, All The People. Love, Grace

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