Grandma goes viral with epic drum cover of Disturbed’s ‘Down With The Sickness’

Mad skills

An elderly grandmother has gone viral with her drum cover of Disturbed‘s classic track ‘Down With The Sickness’ – check out the video below.

The clip sees drum instructor Dorothea Taylor get behind the kit to thrash out the 2000 song, which featured on Disturbed’s debut album ‘The Sickness’. It has amassed over six million views on YouTube since being uploaded on December 27.

At the beginning of the video, Taylor addresses the prejudice she faces as an older drummer — when she visits a music shop, she is directed to the piano and violin sections. Later, it’s assumed that she is the church organist before a guitarist apologises for being “too loud”.


What follows is an impressive rendition of ‘Down With The Sickness’ performed in its entirety in a music rehearsal space.

“This is the type of energy I need for 2020 lol thank you for the motivation!” commented one viewer. Another said: “This was somehow the most metal thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve been drumming my whole life, and every one of these experiences has happened to me throughout my life,” Taylor says at the end of the video.

“Drummers come in all ages, sizes, shapes, ethnicities. And regardless of how good you are, how old you are, we’re all still part of the drumming family.


“So remember, don’t judge a drummer — or anybody — by their looks. And always, always, always keep sharing your drumming passion to the world.”

Disturbed, meanwhile, released their latest album ‘Evolution‘ in 2018.