Grant McLennan Fellowship winner Jack Bratt releases debut single, ‘Spades’

The track also comes with an accompanying music video

Aussie musician Jack Bratt has released his debut rock single, ‘Spades’.

Dubbed a “dark, moody track”, Bratt spoke about the new single in a press release, saying, “I’m a classic overthinker, and ‘Spades’ is a bit of a snapshot of me over-analysing everything.

“It’s a lot about comparing where I’m at in my life to my friends and family, thinking about whether or not I’m where I should be compared to, say, when my parents were at the same age.”


Alongside the new single comes an accompanying music video, directed by Clint Lewis (Tim Rogers, The Church). Watch the video below:

In December, Bratt was the recipient of the coveted Grant McLennan Fellowship, an award that offers the recipient the opportunity to travel to New York, London or Berlin for up to six months to develop their artistic skills, as well as a cash prize of $25,000.

Bratt has elected to go to New York in June, though his plans are reportedly up in the air because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“While this is obviously a pretty distressing time for all of us, I’m using the time wisely by writing a lot of music which I’m excited about,” Bratt said. “I’m planning on still heading to New York as soon as the travel bans have been lifted.”

‘Spades’ is available to stream now.

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