Grazer share dreamy new track ‘Reunion’

The latest in a string of singles from their forthcoming LP

Melbourne duo Grazer have dropped a dreamy, melancholic new single, entitled ‘Reunion’. It’s a characteristically atmospheric cut from the band, with bright melodic tones and a warm, textural backdrop.

In an accompanying statement, the band described the themes of the track. “‘Reunion’ is the story of many repeated meetings throughout one’s life,” they said.

“The reunion of lovers, old friends. The reunion of reality, and ultimately, of death. A return to the collective human experience.”


Listen to ‘Reunion’ below:

Comprising songwriting couple Matt and Mollie, Grazer have a background in the arts – photography, poetry, painting and more. They formed the band in 2019, drawing from elements of ’80s Britpop and ’90s shoegaze.

According to the pair, they spent much of the 2020 lockdown hunkered down in a Carlton basement, recording their first EP along with early singles ‘Fever Dream’ and ‘Joe’s Sad Song’ themselves. Both of the latter songs were later produced by Rob Wolfe.

Back in March, the band released a single titled ‘Nostalgia Seeds’ which marked the first glimpse of their upcoming debut LP that is set to arrive in early 2022. In addition to ‘Nostalgia Seeds’, the record will also feature the newly-released ‘Reunion’ along with another single, ‘Without You/Vision’.