Gregor shares new single ‘Love Echoes Loud’

The final single from his forthcoming album 'Destiny'

Gregor has released ‘Love Echoes Loud’, the final single from his forthcoming album ‘Destiny’.

It continues the scattershot musical stylings of the Chapter Music artist’s singles to date, contrasting with the lullaby tones of ‘The Rock (and the Stars)’ and the psychedelic maelstrom of ‘Senseless’.

‘Love Echoes Loud’ finds a balance between the two, with a picked bass, sustained synth chords and a searching vocal à la Arthur Russell. Listen to it below.


‘Destiny’ will be released November 13 on Chapter Music. It follows Gregor’s debut full-length album, ‘Silver Drop’, released in 2018. A music video for the title track was released earlier this year. Gregor’s debut collection of cassette recordings, ‘Thoughts and Faults’, was released in 2016.

Gregor currently plays bass in Laura Jean‘s live band, and contributed backing vocals on Sweet Whirl‘s debut album, ‘How Much Works’.

Gregor’s own live show features a nine-piece band, which has made notable appearances at music festivals over the years including Golden Plains, Camp Doogs, Boogie Festival, Something Unlimited and New Zealand’s The Others Way.