grentperez covers ‘Teacher’s Pet’ from ‘School of Rock’ for triple j’s Like a Version

The singer-songwriter puts a bedroom pop spin on the 'School of Rock' closer

grentperez has made his debut appearance on triple j’s Like a Version segment, performing a rendition of the song ‘Teacher’s Pet’ from School of Rock.

The Sydney singer-songwriter’s rendition brings a considerably more chill, blissed-out energy to the original version. grentperez assumes the lead vocal role originally delivered by Jack Black in the 2003 film, joined by a backing band that included a drummer, keyboardist, bassist and mini brass band.

“‘Teacher’s Pet’ undoubtedly is already a good song by itself, but I’ve been wanting to sing that song since probably year seven or eight, but never really got the chance to,” grentperez explained in a post-performance interview. “I got offered to do this, and I thought, ‘Hell yeah. Let’s just do it.'” Watch below:


“I think it’s very very epic, like that intro is really really cool… It also showcases a lot of vocal stuff as well. It’s very, very playful and I think I relate to it very, very much,” grentperez elaborated.

“Originally, the song is very, very much rock and gospel-influenced, I’d say. It’s very, very strong. But I kind of wanted to soften it up a little bit, like playing all the major seven chords with the really, really dreamy, strummy pattern. Almost very soft indie rock vibe.”

In addition to ‘Teacher’s Pet’, grentperez also performed original song ‘Ego’, lifted from his recently released ‘Trail Mix Tape’ EP. Watch that below:

Discussing ‘Trail Mix Tape’ with NME earlier this year, grentperez said the EP was “definitely a taste of what [he’s] looking forward to” with regards to developing his sound. “I love artists like Toro y Moi, who explores a lot of genres in a very psychedelic sense – I would love to do stuff like that. I’d love to do a full-length indie rock EP [or] album.


“I definitely see myself moving around quite a bit,” he added. “And I know that by doing that, I’ll be losing and gaining different fans – but I think that’s part of the whole process of making music, which I really enjoy.”