Greta Stanley branches out with luscious new single ‘Close Call’

Stanley is currently putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming second album

Cairns singer-songwriter Greta Stanley has shared a dreamy new single titled ‘Close Call’, as the latest preview of her forthcoming second album.

The track, out today (October 22), marks a bold step in a new direction for Stanley, eschewing the cruisy indie-folk style she’d cut her teeth on with airy, glitched-out synths, spatial production, and a crisp 808 beat inspired by hip-hop artists. It was co-written and produced by longtime collaborator Tristan Barton, with whom Stanley also worked on for her last single, ‘Hope It Lands’.

Take a look at the lyric video for ‘Close Call’, co-directed by Stanley and Nicholas Langley, below:


In a press release, Stanley explained that she’d begun writing ‘Close Call’ years ago, but never made it to the point where her lyrics were committed to a beat. “I always liked these words, so Tristan and I wrote new music to them,” she said.

“It’s about being frustrated with people’s egos, needing solitude and trying to step away to protect myself. It’s a reminder to myself not to be manipulated or get lost in someone else’s world. The chorus lyric – ‘draw those blinds, I need an honest light’ – is basically me saying you can’t hide in the daylight.”

‘Close Call’ is the second track that Stanley has released this year, with ‘Hope It Lands’ coming out back in July. Both tracks are said to appear on her second album, due for release in the early months of 2022. The as-yet-untitled effort will serve as a follow-up to her 2017 debut ‘Full Grown’, as well as her 2019 EP ‘Sun In My Eyes’.

Though they weren’t mentioned in today’s press release, Stanley also dropped two singles in 2020 – ‘Soak Into This’ and ‘New Feeling’ – which were both said upon release to be a part of the new album.

Stanley noted that she’s currently putting the finishing touches on the record, working with a suite of collaborators local to her batting grounds of North Queensland. She said: “Coming from Mena Creek, a tiny town south of Innisfail and being based in Cairns for most of my 20s, I’ve felt so grateful to be able to collaborate with other local creatives for the recording of my new album.


“I believe Cairns hosts a lot of talent. The record was predominantly recorded with two Far North Queensland based producers, Tristan Barton and Mark Myers, who I have been musically involved with since the beginning of my career in music. Tristan also plays drums in my band.”

Stanley received two nominations at this year’s edition of the Queensland Music Awards, earning nods in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter and Regional categories, both at the hands of ‘Soak Into This’.