Guy Sebastian says police held a gun to his head in Los Angeles

"He actually had the gun pressed into my forehead"

Guy Sebastian has recounted a run-in he had with US police officers which saw a Los Angeles cop hold a gun to his head. Sebastian detailed the incident on KIIS FM’s iHeart Radio Countdown last week.

The 2003 Australian Idol winner explained that, while he was living in Los Angeles, his car was towed illegally. Sebastian reported it as stolen to the police, but eventually tracked the vehicle down. He called the police to let them know he had located the car and, while on hold, went to a nearby carwash.

“So I’m sitting in this car wash, washing this car, and suddenly all these police converge on me with guns drawn,” Sebastian recalled.


Sebastian realised that, because he had reported the car theft earlier that day, “to them, I’m driving a stolen car.”

“They’re going, ‘shut up’, they wouldn’t let me talk,” he said.

Sebastian tried to explain that he was the owner of the car, and that he had papers to prove it on the front seat. The police officers appeared not to listen, however, and yelled at Sebastian to “get on the ground”.

“So I get on the ground…[one of the police officers] had a knee on me as well and he’s pulled my phone out of my pocket and thrown it across the floor and smashed it. And I was like…dude ‘what have you done that for?’”

“It was full on. He actually had the gun pressed into my forehead,” the singer recalled.

“I could feel the metal of this gun, and there were so many of them.”


Eventually, a female police officer listened to Sebastian’s request that they look at the car’s papers on the front seat. The officers realised Sebastian owned the vehicle lawfully and the situation was diffused.

Sebastian acknowledged that the incident was something of a misunderstanding, and seemed able to laugh it off.

“[The police] are heavy-handed, but they deal with a lot of stuff too. They deal with extremely heavy-handed criminals and members of the public. It’s not like here [Australia]. Everyone’s got a gun,” Sebastian explained.

Guy Sebastian made headlines last week after his former manager, Titus Day, was arrested and charged after allegedly defrauding the singer out of $1.15 million. Day faced court last in Sydney last week.

In June, Sebastian appeared alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison as he unveiled the Federal Government’s $250 million arts sector relief package. The singer drew criticism for his appearance, with many saying that the package failed to address the arts workers hardest hit by the pandemic.